Level 3 Coaching Badge (UEFA B Part 2)

FA Level 3 is a 90 hour course that offers experienced coaches the chance to get to grips with some advanced techniques that can help further their careers and open up new opportunities for them within the game. Although Level 3 is run as a local course through County FA's in the same way as Levels 1 and 2, there are considerably less courses on offer which means many coaches take it as a 4 day national course in a centralized location. Because national courses are residential and intensive, taking Level 3 often requires a bigger commitment than the lower levels as it means time away from work/home etc but most coaches find the chance to immerse themselves in football with like-minded people is a fantastic experience both socially and professionally.

It is a prerequisite that candidates have Level 2 before applying and an on-going and regular involvement in coaching is expected. With the foundations already laid in the first two levels, this course tends to focus more directly on developing player performance and includes techniques such as psychological and match analysis and performance profiling to enable coaches to set goals directly based on individual and team performance. Wider ranging issues like fitness and nutrition are also covered with the goal of rounding out coaching skills to include more aspects of the modern game.