UEFA A License

The UEFA A License is one of the most respected coaching badges in football and is a very comprehensive qualification taken by relatively few coaches every year. Aimed at coaches who work with (or wish to progress to) 11 versus 11 football in a professional/semi-professional or elite context, it seeks to cover many aspects of high level coaching in considerable depth. Career coaches can progress to either the UEFA Pro License and the FA Academy Managers courses after successfully completing the A License.

The training itself consists of two parts with both run as national residential courses. Part 1 is the UEFA A Preparatory Course which is usually run over 13 days with Part 2 lasting 8 days. All project assignments set in Part 1 must be completed before Part 2 can be started. Final assessment is extensive and carried out over a separate assessment weekend at a later date. Given the need to log coaching time and complete the project tasks between the two parts and before the final assessment days, coaches need good access to 11 a side teams to meet this requirement, so if you are not a coach already involved in this type of football, some planning is required.